About us (FAQ)

our service email: evilsatan66@vip.qq.com

1.How I get the videos from your site?

Although you can access the download links of our files, but all the files are Rar files which need password. So you need to buy the passwords from password links.

2.How much do you charge for a video?

Usually a video costs 17 USD, but it depends on the payment method you choose. For example, if you’d like pay with PayPal, it may cost more than 23 USD. But it is not us who decide the final price, the Takefile platform decides it. However, if you choose to pay through Advcash (https://wallet.advcash.com/login) to our wallet, that will be 15 USD for one video. So we suggest you can try different payments to find which one is suitable for you.

3.Can I get videos for free?

If you buy premium Fileboom account from us, at least one month, you can send us an email to request 1 password for free. But you need to provide detailed information about your payment.

4.Can I get videos with a cheaper price?

Besides buying password from Takefile, you can also pay gift cards for passwords. 100 Yuan for one video, 15 USD. You pay me gift card codes. Some channels to buy gift card is following.


(3)Advcash, https://wallet.advcash.com/login
After your payment in the store above, you will get the gift card code (not transaction number) for your payment, please send it to me. But they may need to verify your PayPal account. However, we don’t have any cooperation with these online stores, so you need to buy the gift card yourself. And if there is any problem, you have to contact with their support.

5.Do you support other payments?

We can also accept the following payments.

(1) Advcash     (2) Skrill     (3) Bitcoin     (4) Ethereum     (5) USDT   (6) BCH     (7) LTC

6. I dont have a Fileboom premium account, do I have to buy one?

If you have bought password from us, we can provide free download links.

7. Do you offer membership to get the passwords of all the site?

You can pay 3500 USD a year to subscribe all the contents from my site as well as the updated contents in the following 12 months.

Payment methods accpeted: (1) Advcash    (2) Skrill     (3) Bitcoin     (4) Ethereum     (5) USDT   (6) BCH     (7) LTC

If you subscribe, we will provide our fileboom account for you to download files and all the password files.

8. Besides videos from Jade-net-home, can you provide videos from other sites?

We can also provide video from the following sites.






















and so on